‘Kumann’ was a custom-made women’s wear studio founded in 1965 by EunHwan Oh. As her business matured, in 1979, she launched her ready-to-wear brand, ‘OH EUN HWAN Boutique’, which is one of the well-respected designer brands in Korea.

In 2010, HyeJin Yoo began reviving the heritage of the studio, ‘Kumann’, as a new avant-garde brand. Rooted in her fine arts career, she began redeveloping a novel contemporary line focusing on imaginative shapes and structures to search for a new potentials of fabrication.

Her innovative creation, one-of-a kind silhouettes engenders its own original characters to contribute its highest quality designs and workmanship for the brand ‘Kumann’.

Ready-to-wear collections of KUMANN YOO HYE JIN have been configured in an approach of half-couture with artistic concepts and forms beyond the trends.

HyeJIn Yoo keeps experimenting on unique silhouettes and shapes in structured designs with inventive digital textile printing.

Target group of the brand is fashion-conscious people in multi-age who place value on originality, creativity, and exclusiveness. And yet, designs are easy to wear and attractive to any occasion.​