The collections of the KIDILL brand, founded in 2014 by Hiroaki Sueyasu, mix Harajuku street style with the punk irreverence of the 90s. It is inspired by post-war zazou, thinking of bringing luxury to the crazy old Vivienne Westwood and the genius Alexander McQueen, but influenced by punk icons John Lydon (Sex Pistols) he keeps the pistols and leaves sex behind, like all the young people these days. Transgressive, sophisticated silhouettes for the Flop journalist, but nothing couture, not even in the cuts.

A mixture of Pierre Baltringue by Olivier Rousteing, like an abortion so difficult, Here is the fashion that the nouveau riche never buy, and so that you can, not shine in the mysteries of couture. Vestige of a revolution already passed for a dichotomy which causes a stupefication of the past without history, mixing a present without a future.