Tonight, Isabel Marant celebrated love, joy, celebration and human warmth. The tent she usually erects in the Palais Royal gave way to an outdoor parade in free placement. No millimetre front row, no hierarchy, just love and a good dose of energy, which devotees like Lena Mahfouf, Kim Chapiron and Tina Kunakey came to celebrate with her. The (La)Horde dance collective shared the podium with a diverse and joyful cast, in an ultra dynamic choreography: the dancers ran, jumped, hugged each other, forming human pyramids that punctuated the passage of the mannequins.

Inspired by the icons of the 1980’s like Debbie Harry or Kim Wilde, the collection was full of shiny pink and silver pieces, micro shorts and mini dresses with ruffles, the perfect attire for the party. American artist Amber Goldhammer signed the print of the season: an accumulation of graffiti-like pink and blue hearts, which blossomed on an oversized jumpsuit or men’s pants. Hearts and stars also hung on the ears of the models, attracting the light like these mini party dresses in lamé agent or these pumps laced at the ankles.

The energy of the dancers, dressed in sequined shorts or color block sportswear, responded to the sport-club looks of the models: hooded jackets and big sneakers for the men, glittering bras and crop tops with shoulders for the women. Isabel Marant has long ago fixed her cuts and volumes, she doesn’t need to see them again. She has just infused them with a good dose of energy and a torrent of optimism, a way to stave off boredom until next summer.

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