The story was not over at Hermès, which is offering a new chapter to its fall-winter 2024-2025 collection, the first silhouettes of which showed at Paris Fashion Week last March. However, this time, a new wind has blown across the East Side; type of unblocking of the sitting for the clients of the little banker, inspired by the artistic director Nadège Vanhée.

In fashion, courage is so rare that they had to call in a historian. Thus, like a momentum, that of Antwerp propels the Hermès women in Milady with studded leather and in Harley-Davidson, who “ride” in the “Lower East Side” more precisely, passing from Park Avenue via the Eastern Parkway.

Hermès fall-winter is truly at a crossroads, what if the women of Hermès in Paris played tough? Those of New York appear more open than ever to the unknown, but the New York bourgeoisie is more unbridled, it is well known.

Palette of rich colors, from harsh blue, saffron yellow or roaring red, at the crossroads of new influences before our eyes, with dipped lamb materials for a marriage of skin and canvas offering a certain size to the jackets and jumpsuits, and thus distilling the idea of ​​confident femininity, finally! Because, after Jacquemus, I thought that the woman had disappeared.

In a typical sailor’s cap, with the pea coats borrowed from the sailors, she pumps the baroness’s foam, and with the equestrian accessories we let go of the bridle for a game of legs in the air. But, we’re in the Big Apple, and here, that’s not bad, lord, especially on Park Avenue. I cried eighteen tears from my body. Not one more, restrictions require.