WAN3It is the mirror of luxury like a vision of our soul. It is the mirror of the self-sacrifice of people who constantly look for the perfect iconic black pearl. In this world the level of quality is constantly improving to reach the excellence which is never achieved. Oh my god! I’ll lose my life…

Yesterday, I discovered the most beautiful black pearls for women in the world. It is located in Paris closed to the place Vendôme. In a small black window, I saw a very powerful light beam which surrounded me and lead me for a couple of hours in the world of the South Seas.

If you want to live this experience, visit: 222 rue de Rivoli Paris districk 2, and discover the universe of the last Prince of South Robert Wan. pearls, the great Mr. Robert Wan. You will never regret it. Welcome in the world of black pearls. It is more than a jewlery, it is a myth!