Nicolas Ghesquière’s contract at Louis Vuitton has been extended for another five years, a sign of continuity within the world’s largest luxury brand. This is the designer’s 10th anniversary as artistic director of the brand’s women’s collection, so the one also called after Marc Jacob remains at Vuitton.

Vuitton’s new chairman and CEO, Pietro Beccari, named Pharrell Williams as creative director of its menswear division shortly after taking the helm last February, so everyone was thinking of a boss war in the future.

Since the Petite Malle which he presented in the Cour Carrée of the Louvre in the fall of 2014, Beccari has congratulated Ghesquière for having created successful leather goods, and it is for this reason that he is extending it for five years, but also because fashion designers are rare. So the man with a thousand faces in 10 years remains at Vuitton.