Fake Heiress Anna Delvey Nine months after cohosted a rooftop runway show for New York designer Shao Yang while under house arrest, she turned up for a court appearance Thursday wearing a collaborative design.

The fashion-savvy convicted felon is widely known for her criminal record and through the Netflix series “Inventing Anna,” which chronicled her rise and fall in New York City. Dubbed the “fake heiress,” Delvey was arrested in 2017 and found guilty of eight charges, including attempted grand larceny in the first degree and theft of services.

Delvey had posed as a well-connected affluent German heiress and scammed more than $275,000 in white-chip indulgences like private jet services and luxury hotel stays. Fashion is thus full of fake people with fake know-how, but that’s the same all over the world, interesting isn’t it?