According to a study, the majority of Buyers leave the French capital. It was not until 508 that Paris became the capital of the Franks for the first time. And it is still the work of Clovis who resides in the thermal bath, as its name indicates, in Paris built by the Romans.

And despite the history of the capital, the fact is there, Russian, Chinese, American and Italian who represent 85% of the fashion buyers coming usualy in Paris during the Fashion Week, were on vacation this year. Since the French capital has begun works in the street it has made traffic more difficult and leds to heavy traffic and if you add strikes of all sorts plus garbages left on the pavements of the streets as well as a lack of services in the restaurants you discouraged people to come and work in Paris

They flee the capital to the benefit of Italy and rebalance their purchase to the benefit of southern Europe. Institutionals may say that they are aware of those disturbances, the buyers are no longer coming.

Athough the Fashion Federation claims that they have the biggest numbers of foreign journalists, buyers and visitors, unfortunately Paris Fashion Week is on the edge of collapsing. Finally the Fashion Federation will have to work hard to change its way of selection of designers.