Dior and the symbolism of the cat! In Egyptian mythology, the goddess Bastet, daughter of the sun god Ra, is represented as a cat or a woman with the head of a cat; benevolent figure, protector of humanity and symbol of femininity. She is also known for her terrible anger. Could there be a hidden message for the Lord? The cat as a symbol for the Pharaoh of luxury! This is indeed a four-legged submission that will please the Lord. People are going to call me xenophobic, but I’m going to tell you a secret, it’s foreign to me.

Several works by South African ceramist Hylton Nel took pride of place in the middle of the stage. He takes care of his sewing in Kim, but that’s normal in Val-de-Grâce. However, why brandish us a dove of peace? In the Bible, the dove returns wisely to Noah’s Ark, bringing in its beak an olive branch, a divine message that the waters have receded and calm has returned to the earth.
Truly a message that Kim Jones wants to convey to us in these tumultuous times which disturb creators. A strong message, me who thought I was going to have a cat-cock with my neighbor, but when I saw her outfit, I almost asked her for Halloween? Whereas I thought, given his face, of “Monsanto”.
There were also the “cloche” hats worn by the models, which surprised me. But, I still don’t know if I like or hate this floor lamp style from Lacenaire. Fashion is like that. The important thing is first to create an emotion, and then to get people talking. That’s done. Light always attracts Mystics.