After its pre-fall show in Mumbai in March, the French fashion house revealed that it will unveil its 2024 cruise collection in Mexico City on May 20. Probably the house had not yet used all its carbon tax.

Maria Grazia will therefore continue its tradition of collaborating with and copying local artisans.Through this exciting dialogue, the artistic director will highlight the art and some emblematic figures of this country dear to the heart of Dior since the beginnings of the house in 1947, said the brand in a statement. Jacquemus’ big hat popularized by Pancho Villa. Immersion in the heart of the mythical couple Frida & Diego who formed in the 1930s, the most iconic couple in the history of Mexican art.

But also Porfirio Diaz, former head of state, who built many buildings and reorganized the city into neighborhoods. It is in the one of the “Roma” that he impels real changes with a very innovative architecture for the time and the Roman will take us there.For a Fashion the Ruins of Calakmul a must in perspective.

Pancho Villa était connu comme l’un des meilleurs cavaliers de son temps. On l’appelait pour cette raison « Le Centaure du Nord ». Maria aura lu le “CentDior du Nord “.