Once again the Latin American industry is gearing up to witness an array of summer-2014/2015 collections at the most highly anticipated 37th edition of the Brazilian Sao Paulo Fashion Week (SPFW). We start by GLORIA COELHO.

In addition to the well-known designers, the evening will also feature catwalk parades from new entrants like Kallieno Wagner, Giuliana Romanno, Lolitta and Lilly Sarti.

Welcome at the Fashion week  of Sao polo.

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I have looked at all the photos of the Paco Rabanne’s Fashion Show to find something that would not destroy the design of the blog. I found nothing. The owner of Paco Rabanne, the Puig Group, once again, makes a copy quite below the brand it wants to give to the world of fashion industry.

Indeed, “dare ugly” – it may be a new marketing concept? There is really no reason for this collection to be sold or shown to an audience of professionals because, obviously, we can not in any case judge a collection that clearly seems to have been made by students of first year of the Chambre Syndicale.

Mrs. Julien Dossena checks out, does like other foreign designers in France and copies the Haute Couture collections.
Over the last 30 years, thanks to Mr. Karl Otto Lagerfeldt, we have already experienced a revisitied German style. Therefore, Madam, after the ugly, dare beautiful !


There was a time when KTZ’s Marjan Pejoski was a member of the Worshipful Tribe of Westwood, one of the AAA. Pejoski and co-designer Koji Maruyama have a huge club who follows them, and today, the club came from all over. The London show was very good.

KTZ gave us a lesson of globalization. This collection picked up where that one left off, with the lingering inspiration of the designers’ trip to Africa. “Berber women are even stronger than the men in their look and their accessories.” Said the designer. Continue reading