Longchamp’s President Philippe Cassegrain dies of COVID-19 complications. Philippe Cassegrain, the designer of Longchamp’s famous Le Pliage bag, died in a hospital from COVID-19 complications, the French accessories house announced on Monday. He was 83.

Cassegrain held the title of president, and dedicated more than 60 years to the family-controlled firm. His father, Jean, founded Longchamp as a producer of tobacco pipe coverings. The company would go on to specialize in men’s leather goods from wallets to clutches made in its factories in France’s Loire Valley.

According to Lonchamp, Cassegrain was drafted by his father to advance the firm’s international expansion, sending him off to Asia, Africa and the U.S. in the fifties with Longchamp samples in his suitcase.

When he returned, he joined the business officially and helped his father in everything from creation and manufacturing to marketing and sales development. He took on the management helm in 1972, and introduced travel bags mingling nylon with leather. Continue reading


Designer fragrances have had a storied history. Paul Poiret became a perfume entrepreneur in the early 1900s, while Gabrielle Chanel in 1921 introduced Chanel No. 5. Christian Dior started his storied perfume business with Miss Dior in 1947.

Yves Saint Laurent came out with Y in 1964. Norell, in 1968, “hit American department stores like a bomb,”. Halston by Halston launched in 1975. “In its second year, it made more money than the whole of Max Factor USA,

“Then came Opium in 1977, the blockbuster from Chantal Roos ,” YSL launch that channeled the brand’s essence of excess with everything from its provocative name, juice, advertising, bottle and launch party one year later on a boat moored in New York’s South Street Seaport, where vessels loaded with opium used to arrive from Asia. Continue reading


For four days at the start of every November for the past seven years, a small water canal town two hours southwest of Shanghai turns into a lively hub celebrating all things Hanfu and traditional Chinese culture.

One of the largest events nationally on the Hanfu enthusiasts; calendar drawing thousands, the Xitang event costs just 90 renminbi, or $13, to take part. It brings together a carnival, fashion runway show, archery exhibitions and marketplace among its activities but mostly, it a fashion showcase. People spend their days parading around in their best Hanfu attire posing with the picturesque scenery the ancient town provides, wandering the grassy knolls and across its old curved stone bridges.

Dogs and cats also get the dress-up treatment. One trio of friends had two cats stashed away in clear pet carrier backpacks. Both had been outfitted in Hanfu. after the party they certainly eat them


When your primary business is making outerwear to keep people warm in cold temperatures, the idea of global warming is especially dangerous. In April, Canada Goose laid out a sustainable impact strategy plan that includes becoming carbon-neutral by 2025.

Canada Goose offers a lifetime warranty on its products, which are all made in Canada, and will introduce the Standard Expedition Parka in January a jacket made from recycled and undyed fabric, lining and interlining, 100 percent responsibly sourced down and reclaimed fur. Inspired by the company’s signature Expedition Parka, the new model generates 30 percent less carbon. It will retail for $1,495, while the Expedition Parka sells for $1,295. Continue reading


The Australian Open and Ralph Lauren Corp. are due to announce, Ralph Lauren come the official outfitter of three of the tennis world’s four Grand Slam tournaments, following longstanding partnerships with the U.S. Open and Wimbledon, which commenced in 2005 and 2006, respectively.

Under a new global long-term partnership that will commence with the 2021 Australian Open — which will take place from Jan. 18 to 31 at Melbourne Park with at least 25 percent crowd capacity, according to Tennis Australia — Ralph Lauren will dress all on-court officials, including chair umpires, linesmen, lineswomen and ball boys and girls in a specially-designed collection of apparel and accessories.

With the event taking place in the middle of the often scorching Australian summer temperatures in Melbourne reached 110 degrees Fahrenheit last January the collection was designed with the country’s climate in mind.


Dior Launches Men’s Tailoring Capsule Line, Kailand Morris, the son of Stevie Wonder Just Called to Say I Love You espacialy your money.

Jones has designed a capsule collection dubbed Modern Tailoring, launching worldwide today in selected Dior men’s stores and online, that offers an updated take on formal dressing with the addition of some sportswear staples. Among the talents photographed by Brett Lloyd for the project are model Kailand Morris, the son of Stevie Wonder and fashion designer Kai Millard Morris, who interned at Dior last summer, as by coincidence !!

You know what’s interesting, when I go to the stores, and I go to the one in SoHo in New York, it’s all the NYU students saving up to buy a suit from Dior for their graduation. I would never have thought of that when I was a kid, and I certainly wouldn’t have been able to afford it, but times have changed,” he said.
It’s not always the people you expect to buy suits that are buying them. But we cater for everyone and I think that’s kind of super important. I know our customer base is wide; But Trump said is a Fack news! No ? You see the pictures.

Continue reading


After the cloud, the house has designed in her studio a pimple for pimp. We already had the “Cruch” of Chanel, when will we have the “Fart” of Bulgaria?

Here are the sectarian, iconoclastic Visigoths and autistic barbarians who cross the blue line of the Swiss Alps to give us a course on High Jewelry. And from Switzerland, they come to visit the peasants of Paname to impose on us a diamond setting around looking like a mini “plug” shaped link that you ladies can use at your convenience.

We remember the Plug tree by Paul McCarty on Place Vendôme, here is for the Rue de la Paix the “banal Plug”, reconverted into a bracelet ring and vérotis. We will end up thinking that the houses of the Place Vendôme are sexual obsessed. But, it is true that the house produces “bad taste” as the “Incroyable” French poête said “beauty” !

I look with curiosity this fake real jewelry, my lips tightened, my eyes are tensed, because my eyes can definitely not support this design to appreciate this fake of luxury from the ” Suisse Landes “. There cannot be any impunity with some laws that you must follow the path of the Dior dealers. Continue reading


Perfectly constructed, superbly embroidered, he announces it himself, one is never better served than by himself. “I would like to give women the opportunity to show their strength, not their power”. So here is a chapter for a label that is Chinese whereas it should be French and be part of Chambre Syndicale. Yannick Machado, half Italian and half French with a hint of Portuguese, is a hardened bachelor who loves wedding dresses. Who knows why? Continue reading


No matter who wins Tuesday’s presidential election, the future will most likely remain challenging for British and European firms looking to do business with the U.S., according to Allyson Stewart-Allen, who argues that domestic issues will dominate the agenda in a Joe Biden, or a second Donald Trump, term.

Since Trump took office, the U.S. has been seen as a much more nationalistic and isolationist place: The messages around ‘America first’ and ‘Make America great again’ are about prioritizing the U.S. before any other place or country.

You see it a less attractive place possibly to want to hire people, set up offices, and create jobs if you are a non-U.S. company. All of that isolationism is bad for the American economy and bad for the world. Continue reading


Vice President of the Grace Chen fashion house, having worked in Sydney for the Schenker company, a division of the German rail operator, Deutsche Bahn
Johnny Zhou was previously in logistics for Bax Global. This young Chinese executive graduated from the Australian Graduate School of Management and soon this art lover turned to fashion as a natural choice. Behind a successful brand, there are always men in the shadows.

Athletic, he could be an actor in a Wong Kar-wai movie, and with his costume from one of the best French designers, he would not denote if he came to Paris for Fashion Week. A fan of sleepless nights of work, this globetrotter embodies the fury of extreme oriental living. With the look of an aristocrat, he is in couture as he could be a hero of Marguerite Duras. Continue reading


Connery’s family confirmed Saturday that the actor died in his sleep while at home in Nassau.
Born into a working-class family in Edinburgh, Scotland, Connery enlisted in the Royal Navy, and held various jobs as a youth, working as a milkman, a bricklayer and a lifeguard. He was also a talented athlete and keen bodybuilder, and at one point turned down an offer to play with Manchester United soccer team. He later entered the 1950 Mr. Universe contest and came in third place in one of the categories before becoming a jobbing actor.

Ian Fleming, author of the Bond books, was initially horrified by the prospect of his posh character, a graduate of Eton College being played by someone as lowly as Connery. Fleming quickly changed his mind when he saw what the actor could do, and later invented a distinguished Scottish ancestry for the Bond character. Continue reading