I wanted to take…military codes and things that are so staid and formal, but do them in candy bonbon colors and make them feel more playful and surreal,” said designer Jeremy Scott.

Pop Art, Op Art and psychedelia; ’60s sci-fi dystopia and Sgt. Pepper band spirit all converged in Jeremy Scott’s color trip of a Moschino pre-fall 2022 men’s and women’s lineup.

I wanted to take those military codes and things that are so staid and formal, but do them in candy bonbon colors and make them feel more playful and surreal,” said Scott during a Zoom session from his Los Angeles home.

Two of his favorite films, “A Clockwork Orange” and “Blade Runner,” were also in the aesthetic blender, inspiring the bowler hats and the models’ exaggerated eye makeup. Continue reading


British Fashion Awards, which was held at the Royal Albert Hall in London. The evening highlighted for the first time fifteen leaders of change,rewarded for their different actions in the fashion industry.

The British Fashion Council (BFC) then announced the list of winners, ranging from Kim Jones, to Alessandro Michele, Nensi Dojaka or Tommy Hilfiger.

It is necessary to please the biggest advertising sponsor, the group of the lord and, thus, to reward with an Award Kim John and especially Dior.

The list of winners of the British Fashion Awards 2021:

Designer of the Year: Kim Jones Continue reading


Italian fashion house Armani pledged Wednesday to ban angora wool from its collections starting with the fall/winter 2022/2023 season, extending the list of banned materials as part of its animal welfare policy. “I am pleased to announce” the removal “of angora wool from all the group’s collections” as a sign of its commitment to “the protection of nature,” designer Giorgio Armani said in a statement.

The animal rights organization Peta had called since 2013 for a boycott of products made from angora rabbit fur, accusing video to support the Chinese farms of plucking the hair on the living animals. According to Peta, 90% of the world’s angora fur comes from China. Angora wool is known for its silky and light texture. Giorgio Armani had announced in 2016 to renounce all forms of animal fur in its collections, assuring that there were now valid alternatives to these “cruel practices.”


Yesterday The French Institut of Fashion inaugurated its new “camp us” in Paris. Finance Minister, Bruno “Cityhall” joined executives including the Man from Toledo, the famous cup cake Pavlova, Guillaume of the Seine, called “the river of no return” and the famous Pascal More Fun.

Finance Minister said “You represent a vital economic sector for France. You are not an accessory,” whose office overlooks the IFM headquarters at the Cité de la Mode et du Design, a striking contemporary building on the banks of the Seine, that the Parisian call the green giant , “Not realy green “

1,000 students on board to transform them in clever dogs to know everything on one subject and nothing on others, a figure set to increase to 1,250 within two years, to finally learn nothing. However managed by the former president of Condé Nast France, who will be adviced by Madame “Win Tower”. it should be very sucessfull. Set up a school with people who know nothing about this profession to train students who will not learn anything. That makes sense. Continue reading


Alessandro Michele will receive the Trailblazer Award at The Fashion Awards 2021 on Nov. 29 at the Royal Albert Hall. The British Fashion Council, said it is honoring Michele for his visionary work to date in positioning Gucci at the intersection of culture, art, music and film.

Michele has presented Gucci’s Aria and Love Parade collections, launched Vault by Gucci and opened the Gucci Garden Archetypes exhibit and the Gucci Archive in Florence, continuing to expand the scope of what a traditional luxury fashion brand should be.

The Gucci Love Parade was a celebration of all things Hollywood while his collection Ouverture of Something that Never Ended was launched during GucciFest, the brand’s digital film festival that took place late last year. Continue reading


Kering has announced that Matthieu Blazy is assuming the creative director role at Bottega Veneta, following Daniel Lee’s abrupt departure.

The news that Lee was stepping down stunned the industry. He did more than revive the Italian luxury goods house; he set the style agenda, as anyone who’s browsed the racks at a fast-fashion chain can tell you. Blazy’s appointment isn’t quite as surprising. He was Lee’s number two at Bottega Veneta from mid-2020, and Kering has had enormous success moving behind-the-scenes designers into the spotlight, see: Alessandro Michele at Gucci.

Also, Blazy is not the unknown that Lee was. The Belgian 37-year-old has been widely respected and liked since he first attracted notice at Maison Margiela Artisanal, where he was head designer in the early 2010s. Continue reading


Patrizio Bertelli will be hosting the group’s Capital Markets Day today at Milan’s Fondazione Prada, providing an update on its growth strategies.

Financial targets in the medium range include reaching revenues of around 4.5 billion euros, which implies almost doubling 2020 figures, as last year the company posted revenues totaling 2.42 billion euros. Prada is poised “to generate growth in the long term,” believes Bertelli, through “its relevance, sustainability and incisiveness.”

In a moment of cultural and social change as the current one, luxury must continue to evolve in line with the market. Chairman Paolo Zannoni said “We saw an acceleration in the third quarter compared with the first half,” . After a “blip slowdown” in China in August, the area picked up immediately after. Continue reading


The company’s president and chief executive officer Marco Bizzarri announced on Tuesday morning that Gucci will unveil its new collection with a show in Milan in February.

In addition, during the year, he said that Gucci will also stage two additional runway shows, in late spring and in September. Now we need a different, more elastic system that fits with the moment. Creativity, like water, always finds the space to run,” he added.

In keeping with this vision, in November 2020, Gucci presented the Ouverture of Something That Never Ended co-ed collection, a sort of spring 2021 lineup, with a mini series developed in collaboration with director Gus Van Sant, while the brand celebrated its 100th anniversary.

Earlier this month, the Italian brand returned to the physical runway format with the Gucci Love Parade spring 2022 show, hosted on Los Angeles; Hollywood Boulevard.When will there be a show on the moon?


Jean Paul Gaultier managing director Antoine Gagey calls the French house’s archive a goldmine. Now the brand is opening up that bounty to the public by renting out spectacular runway looks as part of a revamped website that will also sell selections of vintage, with the ultimate goal of reclaiming the resale business as an in-house venture. Slated to go live Wednesday, the site crystallizes the new thrust of the business with its digital-first distribution model.

A one-off couture collection by Chitose Abe of Sacai last July the plan is to invite a different guest designer each season was also a success. A three-way collaboration between Jean Paul Gaultier, Sacai and Nike on a Vaporwaffle sneaker sold out in a matter of minutes, while co-branded rtw items in tandem with the couture sold out in days. Continue reading


Hyundai Motor Company has launched the third annual iteration of “Re:Style,” an upcycling fashion project that uses materials discarded during the automobile manufacturing process and illuminates the company’s sustainable enterprise beyond the automotive industry.

The Re:Style 2021 is launched in Seoul and Paris by partnering with fashion select shops L’Eclaireur and Boontheshop. The unique collaboration involving the three companies highlights Hyundai Motor’s ever-growing commitment to eco-friendly manufacturing, creative outside collaboration and engagement with environmentally-conscious consumers.

In particular, Hyundai Motor’s partnerships with L’Eclaireur and Boontheshop reflect the two fashion companies’ shared commitment to eco-friendly production and offering of easily accessible and wearable fashion items. That’s why the expression you are as beautiful as a brand new truck


The French luxury firm posted revenues of 2.37 billion euros in the three months to Sept. 30, up 40.3 percent at constant exchange rates compared with 2019, considered a more reliable benchmark due to the disruption caused by the coronavirus pandemic last year, This represented an increase of 31.2 percent versus 2020.

But operating profit margin should be much lower than the 40.7 percent recorded in the first six months of the year, due to foreign exchange headwinds, higher employee costs and a lower contribution from leather goods.

The key leather goods and saddlery division saw organic sales rise 22.2 percent during the period, driven by sustained demand and significant deliveries during the quarter. Hermès opened a new leather goods workshop near Bordeaux in September, and several other production sites are in the works.

In the last month alone, it has reopened its store at the Istinye Park mall in Istanbul, and unveiled new boutiques at the Aventura Mall in Florida and in Shenzhen, China. In the long term, will Hermès Continue reading


Versace chief executive officer Jonathan Akeroyd is returning home to the U.K., taking the top job at Burberry, the British company said Wednesday.

Akeroyd, 54, will succeed Marco Gobbetti, who was named CEO of Salvatore Ferragamo earlier this year. He will join Burberry on April 1.

Gerry Murphy, chairman of Burberry, described Akeroyd as ;an experienced leader with a strong track record in building global luxury fashion brands, and driving profitable growth. He shares our values and our ambition to build on Burberry’s unique British creative heritage and his deep luxury and fashion industry expertise will be key to advancing the next phase of Burberry’s evolution.”

Akeroyd served as CEO of Alexander McQueen from 2004 to 2016, and before that, he held a number of senior fashion roles at Harrods. Continue reading


Like the sand of the azure deserts, like the long fluctuations of the swell of the seas, she grows with indifference, and her shining eyes are made of delicately chosen minerals. In this brilliant and symbolic nature where the angel mingles with the ancient sphinx, where all is only gold, steel, light and diamonds, shine forever for women to sublimate them.

Earth or Luna, a star whose Indo-European root means “to be luminous or illuminated”, it is also called the luminous one to designate both the star and the divinity. The earth turns to remind us of the meaning of life, here is the charm and beauty, like a kind of flower for the skin, which dances under an eye of diamonds so that the light carries a smile.

To offer a jewel to whoever wants love, is to drink the one or the other, depending on who you are, who is dying of the thirst to love. From the top of her heels, here is the feminine exterior, and I have never seen anything more grand and majestic than ILONA’s creations. Continue reading