It’s the end of the shows for Tom Ford. The designer has just released his latest women’s ready-to-wear collection for fall on his website, featuring his favorite looks from the past 13 years.The cult of personality like Karl without the talent

Ford orchestrated his release in cinematic fashion, animating his models in glass cases as if they were mannequins in a museum exhibit, and standing in front like a conductor. A sort of Karl of the poor, he will make collections with his trainees, and after the first two nothing more.

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John Galantic, president and chief operating officer of Chanel Inc., is stepping down from his role.

Galantic’s resignation was announced internally last Wednesday. His plans were not available for comment Monday. Through initiatives such as Sunrun, Chanel Community, and the Racial Justice Fund, Galantic drove sustainability and social commitment.

Alain Wertheimer, global executive chairman of Chanel, and Leena Nair, global chief executive officer, emailed a letter to employees last week, noting that under Galantic’s leadership, the U.S. achieved its highest ever Voice of Client scores and gained in brand equity results. Galantic has been a director at Bacardi, and a non-executive director at Ferrari. Bernard Arnault is looking for directors for his 500 billion euro group.


Lord Arnault met with Wang Wentao, Chinese Minister of Commerce. This is starting to look messy after the French President’s controversial visit to Dior on Avenue Montaigne in Paris just after the man, who passed Normal Sup. three times, finished his visit to China earlier this month. But, this lady of the Elysée, who is dressed by the group, might be “enjoying” it!

The luxury group has old and intense links with the communist party, and in Luxury, to reach what you want to achieve, will owe you all the vileness of the world. For me, a hint of freedom will never be freedom, but the new rich decorate their contemporary cave with the trappings of a squire, and in the end, the only thing bohemian owns are their tableware. In Jean Yanne’s film, “Les Chinois à Paris”, he doesn’t really make fun of the Chinese, but more of the French, of their past close to collaboration and of the intellectual fashions of the time for the naive and unmeasured infatuation of many French intellectuals for Marxism-Leninism, very “Montant”!

I am a man slightly living in a heavily compromised world, and while Wang congratulates himself on the strength and diversity of the commitment of the world’s largest luxury group in China, I only see the commercial exchanges of a waxed canvas bag for two Pandas at the Beauval Zoo, a real cultural compromise, indeed! Continue reading


Bruno Pavlovsky, president of the Federation of Haute Couture and Fashion, and Pascal Morand, its executive chairman, detailed some of the measures taken by the organization to preserve its schedule from the disruptions expected from the Games, which will monopolize the city’s venues and security forces for several months.

There will be two Olympic Games in 2024, the Olympic Games from July 26 to August 11 and the Paralympic Games from August 28 to September 8, 2024. Next summer, the federation is working with the authorities to identify 200 spaces that usually host fashion events.

Men’s fashion weeks will be held Jan. 16-21 and June 18-23; women’s fashion weeks will be held Feb. 26-March 5 and Sept. 23-Oct. 1; haute couture shows are scheduled for Jan. 22-25 and June 24-27.

Chanel, the only private sponsor of the Grand Palais renovation, will not return until October 2024. For now, the French fashion industry is not expected to be involved in the opening ceremony.

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Sidney Toledano, chairman and CEO of LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton, is moving on to another role within the French luxury group LVMH. The same old story: the people who go up are the same people you see when they come down.

At the annual shareholders meeting, Mr. Arnault was pleased to thank Mr. Toledano for his leadership over the past three decades at LVMH.

“I wanted to highlight the exceptional work he has done. He is not leaving. He will be moving on to other roles,” Arnault said. I had the feeling that I was in the serie of Trumps “the Apprentice” and the director says to sydney, you are fired.

“We will continue to work together in a different setting. I won’t say any more about it, but I’ll tell you about it anyway next year. A big thank you, Sidney, for the great job you’ve done over the years,” BLA BLA BLA BLA BLA.

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On his tombstone, it will be written: “it will never have been sharp enough”. FM, hidden for a long time under the pseudonym “Anonymode”, butchered fashion designers at the speed of a bullet, as we say.

The man is sometimes excessive in his comments, and moody, but he is modest. He doesn’t like socialite. He is a major actor of the new French journalism, and has remained after the tidal wave of Influencers, “Videophotographers”. He proposes funny, literary and poetic texts, infusing in the world of fashion the literary current of the effrontery in front of these powerful groups of luxury which do not cease to discriminate him.

Crazy about writing, he writes at a frantic pace both in English and in French, playing with words and reputations. He has been living for decades in the center of the intellectual quarter of Paris to escape, as he says, the stupid human being of the suburbs on the French Riviera who used to say to him: I live in Paris, whereas they live in Vélizy or Villetaneuse… dark suburbs.

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Block parties were sweeping New York’s Bronx borough as Black and brown youth celebrated culture, community, and a new genre of music: hip-hop.

Hip Hop born as a response to the popular disco genre of the ‘70s, hip-hop quickly expanded outside of New York City as artists and groups like Grandmaster Flash, DJ Kool Herc, The Sugarhill Gang and others resonated with communities across the country and helped the genre become more mainstream by the ’80s.

Hip-hop has become the most popular musical genre in the U.S. today. “Fashion and style have always been important to hip-hop because fashion and style have always been important to communities of color.

Break dancers develop their own style and graphic artists transfer their art from the walls to clothing, so it’s always been very intertwined.”

Fashion has been influenced by these five official pillars. For break dancers, early hip-hop style featured baggy silhouettes. Similarly, fashion took inspiration from graffiti artists, incorporating bright colors and graphic brush strokes.

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Despite the inclement weather forecast, Donatella Versace had her Hollywood moment with Sir Elton John, Dua Lipa, Pamela Anderson, and Jeff Bezos in the audience and Naomi Campbell, Kendall Jenner, Gigi and Bella Hadid on the runway.
From the rooftop of the Pacific Design Center at magic hour, you can see the Hollywood Hills, the San Bernardino Mountains, the downtown skyline, and the gorgeous parade of Versace power glamour.

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The French fashion house Hermès has opened a new leather goods workshop in Louviers, creating 280 jobs and strengthening its commitment to sustainable employment.

The second leather goods hub of the house will employ 260 leatherworkers in Normandy. Bags, small leather goods, saddles, and bridles will be produced inside the workshop by the artisans.

By conserving the site’s original trees and redirecting rainwater to the water table, the undulating gardens designed by Belgian landscape architect Erik Dhont conserve local biodiversity. An excellent example of Hermes’ commitment to environmental performance, regional development, and social responsibility is the workshop. But producing leather has an impact on the environment. Indeed, the breeding of animals in farms is a source of nitrate pollution (very involved in global warming). Continue reading


An example of a cross-cultural fashion collaboration can be found in the lobster dress that was designed by Italian designer Elsa Schiaparelli and Spanish artist Salvador Dalí in 1937, now housed in the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Collaboration has become a steady trend since 2010, but is creativity always present?

The blend of hip-hop with luxury  predominant among collaborations  has become an established concept.

Millennials and Gen Z consumers, who expect authentic creativity from luxury and fashion brands, are also experiencing collaboration fatigue. Fashion and luxury brands should broaden their cultural horizons, exploring untapped subcultures, geographies, time periods, artistic inspirations, and savoir-faire around the world in order to stay connected with young generations.

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This is great news! H&M Beauty’s opening of its first global flagship store in Oslo is a major milestone for the brand. It shows the brand’s commitment to expanding its beauty offerings and providing more options for its customers. After you’re poorly dressed, you’ll be poorly make up.

H&M Beauty is known for its affordable yet high-quality makeup, skincare and beauty accessories. With the opening of these stores in Oslo, H&M Beauty can introduce its products to a wider audience and offer a better shopping experience to its customers. Low cosmetics in the homeland of King Harald.

Oslo is an excellent location for H&M Beauty’s first flagship stores, as the city has a strong fashion and beauty culture. The flagship stores will likely attract both locals and tourists looking for affordable beauty products without compromising on quality. journalist Mikael Blomkvist will be present for the opening.

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Walt Disney Co. shareholders are expected to elect Mark Parker as chairman at their annual meeting on Monday, giving Nike Inc.’s executive chairman another spot at the top.

Parker, who led Nike for 14 years before taking on his current role in 2020, has been on Disney’s board since 2016. In just over a year, Susan Arnold, the Procter & Gamble beauty veteran who has been Disney’s board chairman for 15 years, will step down.

Disney has two chairmen from the fashion and beauty world in a row. Nike and Disney are very different companies, but they both face many of the same challenges. Additionally, Parker brings a lot of consumer expertise to Disney, as well as a lot of experience managing the chaos of big businesses.