In its ongoing battle with Thom Browne over the designer brand’s use of stripes, Adidas believes it has uncovered a smoking gun.

In court papers filed with the U.S. The District Court for the Southern District of New York found on Thursday that Thom Browne improperly withheld several e-mail chains which admitted that there was a likelihood of confusion between Adidas’s three-stripes and the company’s ‘four bar’ design.

Adidas alleges that four emails were exchanged between Browne and Rodrigo Bazan discussing the potential confusion in the market if four bars were used on sport-related products.

“Thom Browne’s concealment of these highly relevant and highly damaging e-mails denied Adidas a fair trial,” the brief stated. “Adidas is therefore entitled to relief under Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 60(b)(2), which provides for relief when a party uncovers evidence that likely would have changed the outcome of trial.”

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Lever Couture, designed by Ukrainian-born, Los Angeles-based designer Lessja Verlingieri, kicked off Los Angeles’ busy fashion season Friday night.
Due to the violence in Israel and Gaza, Saturday’s Academy of Motion Pictures gala with a star-studded red carpet has been postponed. But other events will take place, such as Los Angeles Fashion Week, beginning Wednesday.

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You are probably already familiar with Duran Lantink’s fashion designs, even if his name doesn’t ring a bell. The Amsterdam-based fashion designer is the creator of the infamous vagina trousers worn by Janelle Monáe last year in her music video Pynk. Continue reading


Show, show, show the screen will be show. Here, it is the Villa Noailles, but, in reality, we are at the foot of the Eiffel Tower, in Paris, and I watch my fear live which suddenly becomes obscure. A Victorian sap “invitation to the coronation obliges” had to sing or shut up, so I loosened my fist from my calame and grabbed Virginie Viard’s harvest, just for a moment.

There appeared to me a multiple rainbow made of flesh and dust, which rumbles to the door of my spirit, a new breath so that my pain of waiting ends.

Why I, the most living of the living, more than all, receive the fashion of darkness where the flowers among the living fall more than reason. Heat of the next day which will hit the ground before me, and where the reality without the muse of the bimbos in the front row will make me realize that, when fashion and the stars are dead in our eyes, nothing happens. Porque te vas… could the song from the show be any information?

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Parisian rumors have been rife since the announcement of Louis Vuitton’s takeover of a gigantic building on the Avenue des Champs-Élysées and subject to the “su putation” of Parisian bohemian fashionistas from the suburs. A Vuitton Hotel to receive the new collection of the designer, in a room covered with an orange tarpaulin, a nod to Pharell and his speedy bag orange with LV logo. It seems that he said to Nicolas, “Orange is the new black”. Future Hotel and cultural venue “Culture often breeds monstrosity” said Georges Braque, imagined by architect Peter Marino and his gay biker look.

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The Comme des Garçons show on Friday evening felt like she could not stop herself from adding more zany prints, color, texture, sparkle and volume, resulting in some of the largest, strangest collections yet.

Metal brooches and large gemstones adorned the ankle boots and Salomon sneakers.

The gargantuan Peter Pan collars had something uplifting and even humorous about them.

There are silhouettes that resemble giant turtles and conch shells. A harness in candy colors was added here and there by Kawakubo.

This mesmerizing display of dressmaking certainly on steroids, and joy unleashed, was enhanced by Meredith Monk’s otherworldly wailing.


If you can create a collection in ten days which usually takes six months, either you are a Picasso or you are a liar, it’s up to you to judge.



In his spring collection, Jones blended corset elements from the last Fendi couture collection, which he said sold very well, with things his favorite fashion plates might wear: neat coats with a gentle flare, masculine tailoring, pencil skirts, twin sets and body-skimming tube dresses.

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Sabato De Sarno’s High-Stakes Gucci Debut and the designer’s first outing this Friday will be a major test for the Italian megabrand and owner Kering.

Born in Naples, De Sarno started his career with Prada in 2005. He later worked for Dolce & Gabbana and, from 2009, as director of men’s and women’s collections at Valentino.

His appointment with Gucci in 2023 is his first role leading a fashion house. He will debut his first collection in September, 2023 at Milan Women’s Fashion Week.


Clothes expected for the upcoming Balmain show at Paris Fashion Week have gone missing after a truck transporting the collection was stolen, according to an Instagram post from Olivier Rousteing.

Was the delivery diverted or the truck stolen? Thank goodness the driver is safe,” the creator wrote in a message to his 9.8 million followers. So it would have been more of a truck jacking!

The show scheduled for September 27 near the Eiffel Tower would continue as planned, we are in the process of redoing everything but it’s so disrespectful, he continued, especially for others but he doesn’t know that when we have the patterns it’s easy to redo all in a few days.

A big intellectual scam, for a fictitious theft certainly, welcome to the wonderful world of fashion. Oh by the way, there are always GPS trackers when transporting a collection. The truck from China got lost on the Silk Road!.


Baccarat is for sale. Tor Investment and Sammasan Capital, the two Hong Kong creditors who became shareholders of the prestigious crystal factory when its Chinese owner disappeared in 2020, have mandated the bank Messier & Associés to find a buyer, according to our information.

Around six to seven contenders are still in the running, according to sources familiar with the matter. Asian and Gulf investors, an industrialist from northern Europe, as well as a Swiss fund and another from the Maghreb.

The glass factory founded by King Louis XV in 1754, however, no longer interests French investors. The French industrial group Chargeurs, which seeks to strengthen its position in luxury, was interested in the deal.

“They found the sellers’ price expectations unreasonable in view of the performance and closed the file this summer,” indicates a source. Since then, its manager Michaël Fribourg has turned to other acquisitions in the luxury sector. Sammasan Capital hopes to raise more than 400 million euros from the sale of the emblematic Lorraine factory.