Eccentric fabric headwear like overturned basins which already adorned models from the 1950s, it’s a surreal mix between oversized sets with baggy pants for Californian prisoners and jackets tied at the waist. Elegantly gloved hands holding numbers like in Cristóbal’s time; it’s a little warmed up. But, as always, this ace illusionist manages to make the son of the Prince of Venice believe that this is sewing! Ultimately, its fashion is like its turnover, a pendulum that swings from one extreme to the other.

The great illusionist continues to deconstruct his legend, and his only audience is Wintour and other plague attaches who simper at the boss for a few pages of advertising. One day, however glorious for Demna, who saw his country for the first time last night, beat the Portuguese in football and include Georgia in the concert of Europe, but that will be from UEFA and not from the so sad organization FHCM.
Notwithstanding, it must be said, all the same, that the list of feats, in terms of know-how, is well hidden behind on apparently simplistic pieces, no offense to the bimbo who sticks to me with her excess weight having put on a designer dress with shoe horn.
Silk gazar, but with polyester, a challenge, but also a wink that professionals will appreciate. At least for me, it’s more Gaza than Gazar*. Here we pull on Ariadne’s thread, and we don’t know what will come out, like a magician who extracts from his mouth a flower, a razor blade, a lighted bulb, a small butterfly, but certainly not a dress .
(* Gazar, invented for the famous fashion designer Cristóbal Balenciaga, is a rigid fabric composed of interwoven and twisted double threads)