The “Transparences” exhibition currently taking place at the Yves Saint Laurent Museum in Paris is recording record attendance, a funny coincidence. On Tuesday evening, Anthony Vaccarello, constructed almost his entire fall collection with flimsy silk hosiery fabrics, which he said were a nightmare to produce.

Saint Laurent via a sensual nude outfit, while exalting the master’s legacy of transgression, liberation and empowerment of women. The models’ heads were covered in bonnets and their wrists covered with large transparent bracelets, as well as jewelry on their backs.

Vaccarello said he had the idea for this pure extravagance before the YSL museum revealed the theme of its spring exhibition, sure!. But I think it’s good that there is this link with the foundation also to make it clear that here it is also a house of transparency. Really very, very transparent in fact.

I like women’s breasts but it will be like on the beaches in the past, it will not always be the most beautiful breasts that will wear those clothes. It is not going to solve sexual harassment in the offices or in the cinema industry