Yoshio Kubo chose to use his latest Tokyo Fashion Week presentation to exhibit a series of unique conceptual pieces exploring the relationship between wind and fabric.

Using lightweight, high-density, water-resistant nylon and polyester, he created bulbous shapes that, when inflated from within or caught the breeze, took shape with the models’ movement.
One dress consisted of a massively oversized MA-1 bomber jacket with two horn-like protrusions wrapping around from the back to above the model’s shoulders. Another long, full-skirted gown had massive, air-filled sleeves that created a striking power stance. A third had a wing-like attachment at the back of a vest, giving it Batman-like vibes.
Of the eight looks he showed, seven were created by “digital fashion factory” X-couture, which incorporated digitizations such as 3D modeling and NFTs. Kubo said he will release some of the one-off pieces for sale to the public beginning April.