The name means “Projected shadow of something or someone, the shape and contours of which stand out clearly against a background.”

2024 is a big year for Silhouette. As the Austria-based eyewear company celebrates its 60th anniversary. The family business continues to intrigue demanding consumers with its permanent commitment to excellence and sustainability through innovative, comfortable and quality lenses, but for the latter our boss at Canal-luxe was screaming not to be able to have them repaired.

Providing astronauts with reliable vision in space for nearly 25 years, these glasses were revolutionary in the eyewear industry with their near-lightweight, rimless design and endless customizable options.

As Silhouette has experienced meteoric growth over the past 60 years, Silhouette has become synonymous with minimalist, lightweight, high-quality eyewear that always provides a perfect, custom fit. But still the after-sales service is deplorable… So if I were you I would take Cartiers as expensive but above all with service behind them.