Trump’s tariff war, the U.K. in Brexit chaos and Italy trying to cobble together a new government. There is a lot of news to keep up with this season, including Tom Ford’s imprint on the CFDA and the impact of luxury brands’ new diversity councils.

What’s likely to be the most pressing topic, though, is sustainability, especially with climate change reminder Hurricane Dorian creeping up the East Coast; 16-year-old Swedish environmental hero Greta Thunberg building momentum for the Sept. 20 global climate strike with her rallying cry, “The house is on fire, let’s act like it,” and Extinction Rebellion turning the heat up on the British Fashion Council. At least, there are 150 brands that can say they have signed French President Emmanuel Macron’s Fashion Pact.

But with the growing public outrage, will it be enough? Can fashion week save itself from extinction?