wild-prod-claudia-2According to us Claudia Gould represents the new model’s generation. Free, open minded, ready to take risks and passionate, she is the Influencer of this first week of August !

We met her in Paris, in a nice little bar close to Science Po, and here is a condensate of her vision :

Favourite female word: I like planetary words, ‘venus’ perhaps or ‘moon’, because they rule all female energy. Maybe the word ‘Aphrodite’, the goddess of love.

Singing in the shower: ‘say a little prayer’ by aretha franklin fits in with the routine thing, but sometimes its made up songs i sing to myself.

Ice cream: mint choc chip

What kills love in a couple?: duvet sharing.

Whats your favourite insult?: ‘you look exactly as i imagined you’
Movie i will never forget: Romeo and Juliet.. I know all the words i’ve watched it so many times.

Last day on earth: try heroin and jump out of a plane? No in reality i would probably just sit down and cry.

What would i say to Pope Francis: well done for speaking out about safe sex and gay rights!

Who is the person you admire most: my grandmother

Essential accessory: perfume

claudia sit b&wWhat would never be seen in my wardrobe: i dont think there is anything, i’m open to it all..

Person to meet fictional or dead: i would love to get drunk with the mad hatter!

Dream job as a child: i wanted to be a dancer

Do you remember what you first felt when you came to paris: oh totally in love

Fashion blog I like : well i love and of course my own!! Which is