julienFourniéCANALEach dress arouses an emotion that runs through my mind and my body. At each passage of each dress, I have a tremor in my dorsal spine that puts me in a trance.

Spectators, so surprised by the beauty of the dresses, loudly applaud; which is rare in fashion shows. At each new dress you think this is going to stop and yet outstanding new one does not cease to appear : each time a little more stunning and a little more magical.

We attended at the birth of the fashion designer “Julien Fournié” who has reached the talent of his masters Saint Laurent or Christian Dior. Definitely a French Couturier is born before our eyes. It was like a magic ending with a thundering “bang” of 30 000 sequins flowing into the crowd as if he wanted to tell us: Look, I am dust of stars but also a star.

At the end, Julien comes to greet us. I am starring at him like a mummy who can not express my contentment. Like a diamond, it fascinates me and I want to watch it over and over again. During I crossed the Seine still in shock for the next show I was thinking to myself that the next collection will be very dull to me after a so amazing presentation.

Thank you, Julien. It’s so easy to write about a beautiful collection and I do not deserve it. Believe me. It is the creative match of chemicals cells in my brain which helps me to be a good writer.