A few weeks ago, when I have heard that the next Leonard collection will be run by the Chinese designer Yiqing Yin, I had written an article: a Chinese who will make kimonos. That should be interesting!

But, my spy from Moscow was at the show for me.

Madam, today, I beat my breast and as you are surely aware, when we do here a mistake, we know to acknowledge it. To tell you the truth, I must admit that it was a wonderful collection; the best of the Paris fashion week 2014.

For anybody, it is not very easy to arrive in a firm which has already a culture and to immerse herself of this culture without forgetting her own culture and identity.

Yiqing Yin did it in a few months and that is how you recognise great designers. I had already been impressed by the Chinese’s capacity to influence the weather during the 2008 Olympic Games, but, this time, their capacity to change the “Couture” is becoming obvious year after year.

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