Exclusive Kimbra interview after the Franck Sorbier Show. She arrives on time with Franck Sorbier in Paris downtown closed to the Palais Royal. Very pretty and very fresh, she looks like my daugther, Dgena the bloggeuse, and of whom she is a fan (Gotye РSomebody That I Used To Know ).  She met Franck Sorbier on Internet, and she appreciates his work. The Master Class Franck is probably the best creative fashion designer in the world.

The 24-year-old New Zealander is in Paris, and she is the new egeria of the Sorbier fashion house. Kimbra Johnson has been playing music since her early teens, but she really started when she had the chance to move to Australia, where she continued her musical pursuits and was able to produce music that is funky, soulful, and full of fun. Continue reading