To live happily, look for elegance rather than luxury, and refinement rather than fashion. To be fulfilled, look for inner wealth rather than pecuniary wealth; speak kindly, act frankly, in other words, let the spiritual grow through the common. For Jones, elegance is a perfume that permeates men’s heads. It is a conjugation of the body, which is measured by the way Kim wears his head, gait and military dress to enhance the whole in a martial allure.

Pleasant collection, and to stoke the fire, a collaboration with Peter Doig, this painter, who lives and works between Trinidad and London, known for his disturbing landscapes that mix reality, memories, images and references to art history that comes eco to the presentation. The militarization of dress was a central theme of his first graduation collection from Central Martins College in London in 2002.

With the elegance of savoir-être where the charm of pictorial expression is found, the discreet thread of delicacy in the presentation of oneself to others, gives this collection an elegance that is a rare commodity, and that no wealth can buy!