Particular breed of Victorian-barocco irreverence meets Fashion for a limited edition. “My dream of designing a collection that’s a true reflection of me ” said Romi.

The collection’s story was based upon a Victorian adventurer in South Africa, fusing prim Victorian tailoring with traditional African neck adornments.

 A lengthy, arduous process, showcasing a level of craftsmanship that reassured us that wearability needn’t compromise artfully-made clothes.

It all felt very beautiful; the romantic, yet tough, clothes, but it was a type of beauty that Romi has really made her own .

Going for Baroque. A slick of gold, a flash of sequins, a touch of leopard print, this look is all about luxe textures.

Her style includes an element of fantasy that is intrinsically feminine and sexual-charged yet nonchalant.”

It has now come to life through this collaboration,” Romy Loch Davis explained.

Infused with South Africa and Italian roots she has a penchant for quirky design that communicates her femininity, while maintaining a tongue-in-cheek, coquettish humour, with a little of seventeen century.

Boutique :
Romi Loch Davis
11 rue du Pré aux Clercs
Paris 7ème