Schiaparelli, Couture, Fall Winter, 2014, Fashion Show in ParisFor the second Schiaparelli couture show, the designer Marco Zanini has designed a collection of twenty models which is a mix of ridiculous and flashy color. Born in Milan of a swedish mother and a milanese father, Marco Zanini was born in 1971; a very bad news for fashion industry. Moderation is not the style of Marco Zanini like Schiaparelli.

The designer sent out a collection which made clear references to Schiaparelli’s 1930’s heyday, as well as the style of chic women living in occupied France in the 1940’s. And so what, we know to relaunch a brand you have to take into consideration the past, but after 2 years it is time for you Mr Zanini to take off  by yourself and to get away from the archives.

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DIANAVREELANDDiana Vreeland (September 29, 1903 – August 22, 1989), was a noted columnist and editor in the field of fashion. She worked for the fashion magazines Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue and as a special consultant at the Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. She was named to the International Best Dressed List Hall of Fame in 1964.

She was born as Diana Dalziel in Paris, France, at 5, avenue du Bois-de-Boulogne (Avenue Foch). Vreeland was the eldest daughter of American socialite mother Emily Key Hoffman (1876–1928) and British father Frederick Young Dalziel (1868–1960). Hoffman was a descendant of George Washington’s brother as well as a cousin of Francis Scott Key.

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5Ana Quasoar is one of those Frenchwomen who has mastered the nonchalant Parisian style which many ladies around the world are jealous. Located in the rue de la Banque Paris (the heart of the Fashion Industry).

What they say is true — all old things become new again. And such is the case with the classic pastel trend that was sighted on the runways in different interpretations, from splashes of powder blue and purple to dusty pink and yellow.

Sugary hues have been modernized into sleek and elegant summertime wear with the notion of a power woman. Brave head-to-toe in the trend for the new season by layering cotton candy colors and experimenting with fabric textures.

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1b-200x300 Mr. Slimane, I hated being sit on the ground like a student, and you know why? Just because I have 55 years old,  when we noticed that Mr Pinault sat also on the floor we remained silent and shut up. The designer gives us his vision on California in the 1970s, at the highlight of the anti-war movement.  He mixes all the influences; Hippy, Flower Power, Folk Music, Rock, Surf Culture, and war veterans to create one of the most diverse and sartorially disruptive moments in recent history.

Leather cow patchwork poncho, Baja hoodie or pony skin cape. There were perfectos, intricately embellished hippy vests and studded suede jackets.

Then he added the essential accessories such as neck scarves, silver jewelry. He mixed western gringos and flower power culture; very difficult to understand any way. Oh, by the way I could not see anything as the spotlights were in my face.


PLEINStarting with a personal vision more than ten years ago, by now the company PHILIPP PLEIN can look back on a successful history. Based in Switzerland, he has been creating an exclusive, surprising and uncompromising brand.

Today it is a global luxury lifestyle brand, rich in variety with more than ten different categories: fashion for men, women and kids, luggage, jewellery and lunettes. The home collection includes home furniture, home accessories, garden furniture, dog accessories, lightning and kitchen.

The noble aura of the brand opened the doors to the best stores worldwide, in over 60 different countries the company distributes products, including PHILIPP PLEIN monobrand stores in: Monte Carlo, Saint Tropez, Cannes, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Vienna, Kitzbühel, Continue reading


Nicole-KohnNobody knows how to take us for a long memory trip, except  Nicole Kohn. The carpediem realistic vision invites us to travel in a dream forest.  The power of imagination and the power of creation are the print between Sun Valley and New York City. Everything that was created first existed as a mental picture in somebody’s mind. What things do you see around you?

They are the fruits of people’s imagination. George Benard Shaw expressed it so well, ‘Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire; you will what you imagine; and at last you create what you will.’ Our desires take the form of mental pictures. But the mental image alone will not become reality without action.

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ANNEVALERIEHASH2A few month ago, the Chambre Syndicale of Haute Couture nominated Anne-Valérie Hash as a talented Haute Couture Designer.

What has happened to Anne-Valérie Hash? Or has the Chambre Syndicale of Haute Couture made a pure mistake in rewarding a ready-to-wear designer as Haute Couture designer? We can really wonder how does the Chambre Syndicale of Haute Couture select the candidates and on which criteria it nominates the Haute Couture Designers? For a little while it has been quite a nonsense and Anne-Valérie Hash is a good example.

Anne-Valérie Hash has recently been nominated the designer of the Parisian studio of Comptoir des Cotonniers and Princess Tam Tam. Comptoir des Cotonniers and Princess Tam Tam are very optimistics and we wish them good luck in their choice!!!

Anne-Valérie Hash put her eponymous label on hold in February in order to rethink her business strategy. “I learned the basics of my work on the job and I now may need to consider adopting a different perspective,” said the designer, whose latest Spring/Summer 2014 collection is Continue reading


HERMESLVMH2French luxury goods maker Hermès said its frustration at having arch-rival LVMH as its biggest external shareholder at its annual general meeting on Tuesday and once more called on the group to sell its stake.

LVMH, the world’s biggest luxury group, which owns 23 percent of Hermès, was fined 8 million euros by the French market, AMF supervisor last year for failing to properly disclose its building of a stake before 2010. “We do not want shareholders that are rivals,” Hermès Chief Executive, Axel Dumas told the company’s annual shareholder meeting. “We want to preserve our independence.”

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CELINEThe silhouette Céline is more streamlined this Spring. However, coats fit close to the body with cocoon-like shapes while knits are long and lean worn over wool skirts.

She likes her luxury understated but still statement making- looking for comfort but not at the sacrifice of style. A woman that forges her own fashion path with no regard to what the rest of the industry is up to. Basically, designer Phoebe Philo, who has turned the Céline brand into a mirror image of herself.

Last season’s painterly brush stroke patterns made way for jungle cat spots, subtly smudged to dilute their powers. Which was not the case for the dramatic almost porcupine quill-like feather embellishments that sprouted out of the final three looks.

As for the always-inventive accessories, the designer seems to feel that Winter sandals are the way to go. Platformed up to keep feet dry when walking through Winter snow. And that all important the Celine’s Continue reading


ASIAThese events are part of the Asia Fashion Exchange, which aims to position Singapore as Asia’s leading fashion hub. This year’s speakers included Steven Kolb from the CFDA; accomplished writer and Audi’s Fashion Festival Creative Director Colin McDowell, and designer Thomas Tait, who is one of the finalist for the prestigious LVMH Young Designer Prize being awarded this month.

Then there was BLUEPRINT, a trade show that positions itself as the fashion trade gateway to Asia, which creates business opportunities between international buyers and promising design players.

There was also the Audi Fashion Festival. A showcase of world-class collections by both top designers- this season, Prabal Gurung opened the event and Oscar de la Renta supplied
the closing show- and emerging global designers.

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