Yesterday Karl Lagerfeld took VIPs shopping at the “Chanel Supermarket show” complete with fully-stocked aisles, check-outs, trolleys, special offers and discount posters. Every product packaging  were branded Gabrielle Chanel.

Karl transformed in supermarket the Grand Palais, the temple of arts, after the FIAC (Art supermarket for rich people). Chanel has recreated a supermarket for rich people in Paris downtown. He just forgot that he has never been in a supermarket and does not know what is happenning Continue reading


I have looked at all the photos of the Paco Rabanne’s Fashion Show to find something that would not destroy the design of the blog. I found nothing. The owner of Paco Rabanne, the Puig Group, once again, makes a copy quite below the brand it wants to give to the world of fashion industry.

Indeed, “dare ugly” – it may be a new marketing concept? There is really no reason for this collection to be sold or shown to an audience of professionals because, obviously, we can not in any case judge a collection that clearly seems to have been made by students of first year of the Chambre Syndicale.

Mrs. Julien Dossena checks out, does like other foreign designers in France and copies the Haute Couture collections.
Over the last 30 years, thanks to Mr. Karl Otto Lagerfeldt, we have already experienced a revisitied German style. Therefore, Madam, after the ugly, dare beautiful !


Bowie Wong was born in Hong Kong, China in 1969. As the son of a Chinese opera singer, Bowie spent his childhood surrounded by stage costumes, to which he showed interest in design and fashion at an early age. As a teenager, he studied Pure Design in Japan and carried on his studies in Canada, where he learned the art of Stage and Costume Design.

Yesterday in front of LVMH building,we could have thought that there were riots as there was a queue for the first Bowie Wong’s Haute Couture collection in Paris. This French Canadian Japanese Chinese’s designer is patronned by Elie Saab who has been following his career for a few years now.

Bowie Wong is a very promising Haute Couture Designer and Canal-Luxe will pay to him a specific attention in the future. For his first presentation to Paris Continue reading