SORBIERNobody knows how to take us for a long memory trip, except Franck Sorbier. Shame on people who left before the show started. Yes, the show was one hour late, but what a show. It was a real choc and I will never regret to have stayed.

Franck Sorbier’s GIANTS re-interpreted the long travel of Gulliver. The carpediem realistic vision makes us travel in another world. Didier Grumbach can you imagine how we are small in front of this monument. May we advise you to reconsider how the Fashion shows should be. The power of imagination, the power of creation are the print  for the next 100 generations.

Franck Sorbier, you are the GIANT of the Haute Couture and today, you have no real competitors.

Come and pay your place to the Sorbier Foundation to discover the magic land of Franck Sorbier, his mystic land of dreams at his next Haute Couture show in July. We can ensure you that you will spend an unforgettable moment in the Haute Couture world.  See you then! click here