Nicole-KohnNobody knows how to take us for a long memory trip, except  Nicole Kohn. The carpediem realistic vision invites us to travel in a dream forest.  The power of imagination and the power of creation are the print between Sun Valley and New York City. Everything that was created first existed as a mental picture in somebody’s mind. What things do you see around you?

They are the fruits of people’s imagination. George Benard Shaw expressed it so well, ‘Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire; you will what you imagine; and at last you create what you will.’ Our desires take the form of mental pictures. But the mental image alone will not become reality without action.

Think creatively, solve problems and remember money flows to ideas. Nothing is impossible if you believe it is possible. Nicole C. Kohn said, ‘I don’t think anything is unrealistic if you believe you can do it.’

Nicole C. Kohn is my friend, and she is a creative artist. Her painting is like her very generous and very optimistic. Nicole, we love you. We should never forget that the Luxe is before all an emotion. So go to the gallery