If you thought that fashion and silver hair could not coexist, you were wrong. The new face for American Apparel  is a beautiful 60 year old with grey hair and a royal posture.

No surgery and Photoshop touch-ups, Jacky O’Shaughnessy, an actress,was chosen as a testimonial for the brand exactly for her natural elegance (she admitted that she was spotted during a dinner) thus bringing to a global level the scouting work started by Ari Seth Cohen with his blog Advanced Style. Continue reading


ALEJust when you thought that you had seen it all on the catwalks, here comes a new trend, and in this case a rather catwalk challenging one for models… fetishes & bondage!

Now, we all know that music has a huge impact on fashion and ‘vice’ versa. As arts, they both feed from each other. Have you seen the latest video of Rihanna: ‘S&M’ yet? Seen Gaga’s latest shoes?

Well fashion seems to have also taken its fetish toys out of the secret drawer and it is now proudly and unapologetically preaching its love affair with fetishes.

From the very upper crust of fashion: Louis Vuitton, Herve Leger, and so on… to the trendy “cool kids” from London, to Continue reading


wangThe moment we’ve all been waiting for is almost here: Alexander Wang’s H&M collaboration is this close to being released (the 61-piece collection officially hits stores on Nov. 6), and in in his typical, teasing fashion, the designer has now released an interactive video, showing his stylish clothes in action.

In the video-game-inspired ad, we’re able to spot a few of our favorite models — Joan Smalls, Natasha Poly, Raquel Zimmermann, and Isabeli Fontana — along with soccer player Andy Carroll — run, jump, and ball their way through a blizzard. Watch them all do their thing in the minifilm below, then scroll through to see the line, set to retail between $10 to $350, in full.

We have to say, with all this excitement and buildup to the big day, our wallets might be in for a workout, too. Karl Lagerfeld go out throught this body.


mescréateurThis morning I was having a coffee in the café around the corner ‘Les deux Magots’ Paris downtown when I saw the French blogueuse Dgena passing her way. She saw me but she wanted to take the French leave. It was too late !

“Hello Dgena, What are you doing here? She then told me that there would be soon an event on the best contemporary jewellery designer exhibition “made in France” at the “Palais de l’Industrie” located Place St-Germain des Près from 13th to 16th November and that is the reason why she was around. But I will come at the prefall on the 12 November.”

Rings, brooches, bracelets, earings, necklaces… may be considered as Continue reading


margiellaFinally, John is back, and this time it’s true ! After a pit stop at Oscar de la Renta, John Galliano is back in fashion at Martin Margiela, to everyone’s surprise. In fact since that announcement, the blogger and social media have asked me the coherance of this nomination. I keep repeating the same thinks (a talented designer can do anything, and a talented designer should be pluridisciplinary), like Karl as photograph, Jean Mouclier at Cartier’s, Serge Mansau as the designer of perfumes but also as sculptor, Franck Sorbier as Couturier and Master of Art, but also creator of dreams.

The equation Margiella-Galliano seems at first sight complicated, but finally, several factors suggest that this is a Continue reading


GALLIANOMARGIELA2According to our spie, John Galliano may return to fashion by the end of the year with Maison Martin Margiela. The former creative director of Dior may join the brand owned by Renzo Rosso, the head of Only The Brave (Diesel, Marni, Viktor & Rolf…), in order to design a Haute Couture collection. Discussions are ongoing, while Galliano has already hired five to six people for his atelier.

We have always been a supporter of John Galliano. According to us he is like “The Picture of Dorian Gray”. He expresses the desire to sell his soul, to ensure that the picture, rather than he, will age and fade. The wish is granted, and John pursues a libertine life of varied and amoral experiences; all the while his portrait ages and records every soul-corrupting sin. But over is over, it is like the phoenix bird which is cyclically regenerated or reborn.

In fact the flamboyant style he brought to Dior appears atodds with the somewhat austere designs at Maison Martin Margiela. But as a multifaceted Continue reading